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The self-adhesive polyurethane foams (POLYETHER) for acoustic and thermal isolation of vehicle use.
This system of self-adhesive foams was checked if it can be used in automotive industry and now it is widely used by such a buses' producers as VOLVO, NEOPLAN, JELCZ, KAPENA, AUTOSAN and many other producers of cars, for example FIAT, GM, FORD, VW both in the country and abroad.

Technical information:
1. Elastic foams VITAPOL S - self-adhesive, protected by paper liner ( silicone paper) or by a foil (polypropylene foil).
Range of density:
- from 14 to 35 kg/m3 - conventional foams
- from 70 to 220 kg/m3 - rebond foam i.e. R type (reconstituted foam) .
2. Self-adhesive foams can be cut on a standard machines designed for cutting (vertical and slanting) and even a sharp knife will do.

1. Self-adhesive VITAPOL S foams , protected by paper liner ( or by a foil) have great durability on tearing away ( AFERA 4001 method) and also (FINAT method) what is connected with the kind of glue that is used.
VITAPOL S has also reversible, self-adhesive foams and laminated on a reverse by specially PU foam (reconstituted) with special black of carbon base nonwoven fabric (non-combustible, water and oil repellency) - VITAPOL SN.
2. Range of the temperature while glue working - from - 30 to 180 oC !
3. Polyurethane foams show a very high durability which can be even counted beginning from 10 to more years - it depends on a foam's type and on its protective layer made from an appropriate laminate.
4. Self-adhesive foams durably adjust to the surface to which they are sticked.
5. Our technology of production allows to make polyurethane VITAPOL foams which have an open cells structure in a continuous way and with totally non-repetitive parameters. It gives the foams the highest quality - confirmed by our current clients.
6. An open-cells structure of flexible VITAPOL foam guaranties a proper level of an acoustic absorption.
7. VITAPOL foam has researches which were done according to SAAB STD 3967 Norm in The State Institute of Motorization in Warsaw.
8. Self-adhesive foams VITAPOL S which has a density 35kg/m3 and also VITAPOL SN foams with 90kg/m3 density, show speed of incineration max. 100mm/min what is right to the ISO 3795 Norm ( vehicle industry). Researches were held in Państwowy Instytut Motoryzacji PIMOT in Warsaw.

Application of self-adhesive VITAPOL S foams
Self-adhesive VITAPOL S foams have application there where an additional elastic isolation, both thermal and acoustic is needed - mainly automotive industry and packaging, or if it s not possible to use conventional methods of gluing the foam with a surface. It is also used when a solid and quick connection is needed, ex. during the process of production on an installment line.

Our up-to-date offer of self-adhesive foams: VITAPOL S and VITAPOL SN.
Self-adhesive foams are available in a form of sheets with standard dimensions of 1000x1500 mm, 1000x1200 mm. Thickness from 5 to 50 mm.
In Vita Polymers Poland offer, there are also ready-made, self-adhesive cut parts of VITAPOL S, which are cut out according to our clients' expected dimensions.