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High Resilience foam HR type.

HR's foams fulfill standards which are required on the international markets and complies with the fire test requirements in US - California TECHNICAL BULLETIN 117D, 117A and FMVSS 302 standard.

To make a proper choice of a HR foam, it is necessary to take into consideration a wide range of factors which describe criteria of our choice, such as:

- acceptable lowering of hardness and deformation while using furniture
- furniture's application
- functionality of furniture etc.

Recommendation for Highly efficient foams usage - HR type.

Recommended Application
Type of usage
HR 2313 parts of backrests, elements which supplement, lining elements. light
HR 3030 backrests, seats, mattresses. light, medium
HR 3737
HR 3737A*
elements which supplement. hard
HR 3532 backrests, seats, mattresses medium
backrests hard
HR 4030 backrests, seats, mattresses medium
backrests hard
HR 4250
HR 4250
HR 5050
backrests, seats, mattresses. very hard

* Pianka poliuretanowa odpowiada standardom ognioodporności według Normy amerykańskiej TECHNICAL BULLETIN 117D , 117A (przemysł meblarski); oraz normy FMVSS302 (przemysł samochodowy).