Through identifying and anticipation of demand trends in target markets for polyurethane foams, Vita Polymers Poland developed specialized processes and sufficient capacity in foam conversion, in order to provide good service and market coverage through own conversion factories in Lublin, Szymanów, Żary and Zielona Gora.
Special foam conversion machines and appliances which are installed there allow us to produce almost every, even very complicated CNC cut foam part, optimized by computers, also in 3D dimension. We also produce wide range of customer specific fabrications, which combine different grades of foams and other materials, like metal springs and fibers, bonded by solvent and water base adhesives, to ready-made components or composites for furniture, bedding and other industrial applications. We also provide professional advice at the stage of design of customer’s products to optimize the functional and comfort features, technical solutions, and production and logistics processes of our customers.


Vita Polymers Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul.Sienkiewicza 31/33
56-120 Brzeg Dolny
tel +48 (prefix) 71 3808900
fax +48 (prefix) 71 3197944

20-054 Lublin
Strojanowskiego 27
tel +48 (prefix) 81 7518637
fax +48 (prefix) 81 7518738

Szymanów (k/Wrocławia)
51-180 Wrocław
Lotnisko Szymanów
tel +48 (prefix) 71 3878308

IFS Żary
68-200 Żary
ul. Brata Alberta 9
tel +48 (prefix) 68 3634808