About the firm

Sales: 140 mln PLN
Employment: 165 employees

Vita Polymers Poland both in the Production Plant in Brzeg Dolny and in Production Plant in Lublin produces polyurethane foam by continuous method in a form of a long block - process of polymerization in a block. Modern technology MAXFOAM allows on creating so called a long block which has almost ideally flat side walls. Used flattening and leveling system of the top's surface of THE FLAT TOP SYSTEM of block - PINTOMAX definitely improves block's geometry. It makes that it definitely lessen the size of scraps which come into being while the process of cutting foams. It also improves homogeneity of physical and mechanical peculiarity of the foam inside the block.

To meet markets needs - taking also into consideration the natural habitat, in the year 1999 in the Production Plant VPP in Brzeg Dolny, a modern technological process of light foam's production was opened. Foaming by means of a liquid carbon dioxide - NOVAFLEX method - allows to get the foam which has density of 14kg/m3; simultaneously it eliminates from the process of production compounds which are harmful to the environment.
Program of polyethere foam's production consists of more than 30 different types of foams and has a range of foams beginning from these with density from 14kg/m3 to 35kg/m3.

Both Production Plant in Brzeg Dolny and in Lublin has fully equipped research laboratory. Raw materials for foam's production and production charges up-to-date. Quality control in Vita Polymers Poland is one of the most important elements from Assurance Quality System and is directly subordinated to General Manager in firm's organization.

Polyurethane foam as a relatively expensive special material has a high index of transport and storing. Vita Polymers Poland has its own transport , specialized in quick and effecting working. That is why our clients can always count on professional service and delivery "just in time" and do not have to bear useless costs of reserve maintenance and generation of useless costs.
To meet new tendencies in processing industry technology - polyurethane foam's conservation, especially in the field of furniture, mattresses and not typical products production, Vita Polymers Poland consequently engages in the process of foam's processing industry - investments in the most modern conversion equipment: vertical and horizontal cutting machines and also contour cutting machines. Both Business Units VPP in Szymanów and Production Plant in Lublin have a very modern equipment which allows to realize practically almost every client's order beginning from sheets and cut part fabrication to ending on mattresses with springs and pocket springs..

Vita Polymers Poland Sp. z o.o.
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20-054 Lublin
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Szymanów (k/Wrocławia)
51-180 Wrocław
Lotnisko Szymanów
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IFS Żary
68-200 Żary
ul. Brata Alberta 9
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