Vita Polymers Poland (VPP) is a division of The Vita Group - a world leader in specialist polymer technology. The Group operates across 24 countries integrating over 80 companies that fall into six business divisions. Within its key activity VPP belongs to Vita Comfort Foams Europe division, which is Europe's largest supplier of Comfort Foam. Over the years in Poland, the Vita Group invested in modern high volume production plants in Brzeg Dolny and Lublin, which produce flexible polyurethane foams, and conversion factories in Szymanów, Żary and Zielona Gora. Production plant in Brzeg Dolny, where the head office of Vita Polymers Poland is, was build green field in 1994 and nowadays it is one of the most modern factories of the kind in Europe. The modern technology concepts, implemented by the Vita Group right from the stage of design, based upon nearly 60-years experience, allow high volume production of wide range of polyurethane foams in the highest quality, providing also the highest standards of environmental protection and health and safety of employees. Foam production plant in Lublin was set in motion in 1996, introducing the most modern and safe technology in a specific range of foams. This factory also developed own foam conversion units on site in order to optimize supply logistic and flexibility in customer service in the specific market geography. In 2001 the Vita Group commissioned also a modern factory manufacturing liquid polymers in Brzeg Dolny, which supplies a wide range of PVC and latex based liquid compounds, including water based adhesives for foam bonding.


Vita Polymers Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul.Sienkiewicza 31/33
56-120 Brzeg Dolny
tel +48 (prefix) 71 3808900
fax +48 (prefix) 71 3808913

20-054 Lublin
Strojnowskiego 27
tel +48 (prefix) 81 7518637
fax +48 (prefix) 81 7518738

Szymanów (k/Wrocławia)
51-180 Wrocław
Lotnisko Szymanów
tel +48 (prefix) 71 3878308

IFS Żary
68-200 Żary
ul. Brata Alberta 9
tel +48 (prefix) 68 3634808