The Vita Group

The Vita Group - a world leader in specialist polymer technology, production and processing of polymers, one of the most dynamically developing organizations was founded in 1949 by Norman Grimshaw as a VITAFOAM - employing at the beginning 12 people. Founding capital was 100 GBP. The first productions of Vitafoam were mattresses made of latex foam.
Nowadays the Vita Group operates across 24 countries integrating over 80 companies that fall into six business divisions. Continuing the philosophy of continuous development the firm is well established on the market and is ready to fulfill expectations of XXI century clients offering the highest quality of its products and the comfort of living for the future generations.
A global network of technicians and engineers collaborate to develop new products, giving Vita an unrivalled expertise in the manufacture of foams, engineering thermoplastic sheet, solid and liquid compounds and man-made fibers.
The Vita Group specializes in a few very essential areas of the world which surrounds us:
- Cellular polymers - more commonly know as foams. Foams are made for manufactures of furniture, bedding, transportation, packaging, engineering and host of other highly-technical
- Industrial polymers - engineering thermoplastic sheet , on any journey by car, bus or airplane and another equipment
- Polymer fibres - fiberfill technical and hygiene.


Vita Polymers Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul.Sienkiewicza 31/33
56-120 Brzeg Dolny
tel +48 (prefix) 71 3808900
fax +48 (prefix) 71 3808913

20-054 Lublin
Strojnowskiego 27
tel +48 (prefix) 81 7518637
fax +48 (prefix) 81 7518738

Szymanów (k/Wrocławia)
51-180 Wrocław
Lotnisko Szymanów
tel +48 (prefix) 71 3878308

IFS Żary
68-200 Żary
ul. Brata Alberta 9
tel +48 (prefix) 68 3634808