Vita Polymers Poland Production Units ( at the stage of designing) were equipped with a wide variety of modern technological solutions which protect from a harmful effect off factories on the environment, and what is right to the POLICY OF ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION The Vita Group

- The Production Plant in Brzeg Dolny, as the only one on the European continent, has an unique system of gas filtration which arise while foam's production. This system works on a special filters arrangement which is filled up with 20 tons on active coal - it protects from any harmful emission to the atmosphere.
- An automatic and fully independent fire system (sprinklers and gauges), which is installed in production, storage and foam's processing halls, gives a full guarantee of safety both for employees and The UNITS.
- Highly effective system of protection and control in the case unloading and storing raw materials used in the process of frothing is constructed so that even in that rage a potential environmental danger is eliminated.
- Long-lasting, properly trained, experienced VITA's workers, who superbly know a potential danger, are an essential part of a complex environmental protection system in Vita Polymers Poland.
- Technology of polyurethane foam production in the Plant Vita Polymers Poland is totally non-savage and non-scrapped materials. Polyurethane foam's off-cuttings which arise in the process of cutting have their source both in the VITA's industry plants and in our clients' firms and are still able for further, fully usage. VITA has fully recorded pro ecological economy in this range.


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